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Just like every other parachurch tech company I passionately believe that the church is most effective when the details are taken care of so the church can focus on its mission.

So what makes the way I work different?
Pretty much everything else.


I believe that having a kickass church infrastructure shouldn't have to cost a pound of flesh.

In fact I think it should be as cheap as you can afford. That's why all of my plugins are available for nothing, as free as the air you breathe, on Github as well as for purchase on the Rock Store. In fact generosity is such a driving factor in the way I do business I give 10% of my net-income to the Spark Development Network to fund the development of Rock. Oh and my rates are pretty good too.

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Open Source

Did I mention all of my projects are on Github?

I believe in open source, it's one of the reasons I love Rock so much. All of my plugins and tools are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license meaning you are free to peek under the hood at the code, alter it, and even distribute it yourself. Open source means you can rest easy knowing you can't ever be held to ransom by closed code.

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Custom Development

I produce plugins for sale in the Rock Store ranging from SendGrid integrations to custom communication components. In addition, if you've got a need that isn't quite met by Rock or any existing plugins on the market I may just be the droids help you're looking for.


Figuring out where to start with Rock can be hard. I've been there since pre-1.0 and I gotten several Rock t-shirts along the way. Whether it be a conversation about whether Rock is right for you, initial setup, project planning, post-setup tweaks, advanced configuration, or any combination of buzzwords you can think of I'd like to see if I can help.

My Promises

I promise that if I don't feel like a project is a fit for me I won't waste your time, or mine. I don't charge for initial conversations and I won't charge five minute jobs. I promise to be affordable (in real terms) and I promise to be transparent every step of the way.

My typical rate is
£55 / $85 per hour

Okay, I'm interested.

A bit about me

I'm Arran and I'm the one-man 'team' behind Bricks and Mortar.

I'm a Software Engineering graduate from Royal Holloway, University of London, a long time contributor to the core Rock project, and a core team member at Spark. I regularly answer questions on the Rock RMS community Q&A and I also maintain and edit the Shoulder the Boulder community blog.
You can find out a bit more about my story in this Rock RMS blog post and this ROCKCast Episode.